Friday, March 29, 2019

United Way of San Diego Receives Government Money for Census Outreach

Elliot Feuerstein is an experienced commercial real estate developer and construction professional who serves as an officer of Mira Mesa Shopping Center in San Diego, CA. Involved in community development, Elliot Feuerstein supports the United Way of San Diego (UWSD).

In March 2019, UWSD announced that its Count Me 2020 census outreach has received $1.66 million in funding from the California State Census Office. UWSD is leading an effort of over 100 community groups to provide an accurate census count for San Diego County and Imperial County, which historically have been difficult areas to accurately count.

Community stakeholders in both counties will work with UWSD and its partner organizations to reach hard-to-count populations. Accurate counts are vital to ensure adequate representation in Congress and coordinate the flow of government dollars for community-based programs. To learn more about the initiative, visit